Everyone is losing their minds over this claim yet it has yet to be corroborated by Ford and it is not a new claim. Even if it is the case that the 2020 Mustang GT500 will be DCT (dual clutch transmission) only, there is nothing to panic about. It is the right choice.

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In an ideal world everyone would have the choice of a manual or dual clutch transmission. As Porsche shows, the world is not ideal. Cars are expensive to build and these companies exist to make money. The world did not end when Porsche stated the 911 Turbo would be PDK only.

The same goes for the 991.1 GT3. As a matter of fact, making the 911 Turbo and GT3 models PDK only improved performance.

Ford is taking pages out of the Porsche playbook. The GT350 which you can arguably call their GT3 is manual only. Porsche builds a GT3 Touring that is manual only. Great for interaction but not the best choice for laptimes.

The GT500 which arguably would be the Ford equivalent to the 911 Turbo will be DCT only. It makes sense from a performance and cost perspective.

If you want a manual the GT350 exists. If you want to destroy everything you run into while maximizing every tenth of a second, the GT500 is the choice. 720 horsepower will not exactly be easy to put down.

You still have options.