It is true that manufacturers are downsizing their motors. This leads to rumors and clickbait like what Autocar is producing regarding Land Rover and Jaguar. Autocar claims there will no longer be V8's in the Jaguar and Land Rover lineup by 2024.

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They conveniently omit any source from Land Rover or Jaguar confirming this. If Jaguar dumps their V8, they can give up on ever competing with the Germans let alone upcoming Maserati and Alfa Romeo vehicles.

This is the claim:

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V8 engines will be dropped and replaced by high- performance versions of the new Ingenium straight six. JLR management is also investing significant effort into connectivity. All future vehicles will be connected to the web 24/7, allowing updated engine software to be automatically downloaded and JLR to monitor vehicle performance and send owners information on unscheduled servicing.
Yes, a new straight six is coming. Why this means the V8 disappears entirely we have no clue. They also take liberty with the web connectivity being 24/7 because Tesla made this trendy. They are guessing.

BoostAddict has little respect for Autocar due to 'anonymous sources' always providing information. Not to mention crap comparisons. Nobody will remember this report when Jaguar decides to introduce a new V8. Nobody except BoostAddict of course.