• 2019 C7 Corvette ZR1 vs. 2018 Ford GT roll on races

      Now, these two cars should be running on the roadcourse. That is what the Ford GT is for after all and what Ford used it for in winning Le Mans. The ZR1 is no slouch around the track but it is heavier and obviously does not feature a mid-engine layout.

      The ZR1 is very much a muscle car with a 6.2 liter LT5 V8 featuring an Eaton TVS2650 blower. The Ford GT is turbocharged this generation with a 3.5 liter high output Ecoboost V6. Raw power is in the ZR1's ballpark but efficiency belongs to the Ford GT.

      It also helps that the GT can adjust its spoiler on the fly thereby lowering downforce whereas the Corvette is stuck with that big wing if you option for it.

      So what wins? The GT. Skip to the 3:20 minute mark to see the first run. There are trap speeds and elapsed times displayed but these are from rolling runs. The GT is two tenths quicker (clearly made up on shift speed) and the trap speed difference is 128.9 to 128.6 in favor of the GT.

      Run 2 is similar but closer as the ZR1 gets a better start. The GT wins but the ZR1 is right on its tail.

      The third and final run is a blowout for the GT as the ZR1 looked to have some sort of shift issue or bog.

      Overall, the cars are close with the GT edging thanks to its weight, transmission, and aerodynamics.

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        Nice to see this GT in action. Quicker than I thought it would be.