• 1700+ wheel twin turbo Viper ACR vs. a 4.5 Whipple Mustang GT500 and a pair of tuned bikes

      You know this twin turbo Gen V Dodge Viper ACR built by Nth Moto from a previous video where it challenged a bevy of stout cars. Well, it only faces one car this time around which is a 4.5 liter Whipple blown Mustang GT500 but also a pair of bikes.

      The video is interesting as it is from the perspective of the tuned R1M. It gives a good sensation of speed. Also a good sensation of just how fast the Viper ACR is.

      The R1M is no match for it but the Kawasaki ZX10 with a built motor and on spray can't handle the Viper either although it is an insanely fast bike.

      Great vid.

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        Dude, a tuned R1M is a fast bike and its crushed by that Viper lol. Cool video to watch. Really gives perspective.