• Pay now or pay later - Destroyed Ecoboost V6 pics

      When getting into high performance upgrades and builds things add up in a hurry. Sometime we see guys skimp where it matters most and the results almost always mean they end up paying more later when they could simply pay more up front to prevent this.

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      I think Iíll pass on the oil cooler setup with my new motor with top mount turbos that Iíll be running hard AF. Donít want to spend the money they say, itís pricey they say. Iíd say building a second built motor is far pricier. This is a bone stock engine with 70k on it and look at this. Imagine this example but worse from running a built motor harder and hotter. Be smarter not penny wise dollar foolish
      Peace of mind is worth the price alone but as we often see many people have to learn the hard way.

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