• Mustang GT Coyote with ProCharger Stage II P-1X supercharger kit making 817 rwhp on E85

      Wowie is this some power and an absolutely gorgeous power and torque curve. Palm Beach Dyno in Florida tuned this Ford Mustang GT on E85. It has the ProCharger Stage II P-1X supercharger kit which obviously is capable of flowing quite a bit of air.

      Beautiful curves is an understatement:

      The car is on the stock internals with supporting modifications and this is possible due to the centrifugal torque delivery which rises with RPM.

      Talk about a great tuning value to boot.

      ProCharger 1FW212-P1X Details

      Stage II Systems
      P-1X SuperchargerThis ProCharger System is supplied with proven tuning calibrations and a handheld programmer set for a 70-75%+ HP (@ 10 psi) power gain over stock, running pump gas for Stock engine - Stock exhaust or Cat-back exhaust vehicles only. Featuring the most advanced and durable supercharger, with the industry's coolest charge air temperatures, much higher power levels are possible with higher boost and custom tuning. Installation of this system is the easiest of any Mustang supercharger system to date-a customer can install this system in his/her garage with common hand tools in a day. 100% reversible, with no trimming or cutting to any factory OEM plastics or hardware.

      - 70-75%+ gain with P-1X complete system on 10 psi, quality pump gas
      - Stage II Intercooler = 1103 cubic inches of cooling core
      - 8-rib dedicated belt drive system
      - 100% reversible, no permanent modifications, no drilling or modifying
      - Patented 8" supercharger crank pulley that fastens to the factory balancer
      - Belts and pulleys can be changed without removing the supercharger
      - Systems include 95 lb/hr fuel injectors, fuel pump booster and programmerP-1X Supercharger Features:
      - More power per psi, more maximum HP, and cooler charge air temperatures
      - 10-15 flywheel HP gain with P-1X (vs P-1SC-1) on otherwise stock, modern V8 automotive engines at the same boost level and pulley size
      - Even larger gains possible at the same boost level with built and modified motors
      - P-1X is 875+ HP capable and is a direct bolt-in upgrade for the P-1SC-1
      - Designed for today's high flowing modern V8 engines producing 300+ naturally aspirated HP
      - Highly durable, High HP designs with a compact new state-of-the-art 9.0" housing/volute
      - Higher efficiency produces cooler charger air temperatures and reduces parasitic engine load
      - Uses same proven gearcase as P-1SC-1 and available with standard or reduced noise level
      - P-1X volutes are slightly larger than P-1SC-1 volutes

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