• Ford posts an awesome 2020 GT500 video from Goodwood

      This is short, sweet, and badass. Obviously the new GT500 has a ton of power and Ford shows that aspects off climbing the hill at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The video starts with the tires going up in smoke for quite some time.

      Ford is showing off for the fans but you will notice once the driver wants to put the power down he is able too. Also, wow does that Predator V8 sound glorious!

      It also look absolutely fantastic in the unique Grabber Lime paint color.

      For those concerned about traction, sure, the car can smoke the tires easily but it also has several traction control modes for a reason. You can see the driver adjust the modes to put on a smoke show for the spectators in the beginning.

      The GT500 looks and sounds absolutely spectacular not to mention what a blast it seems to be from behind the wheel.

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        How good does the Brabham BT62 sound? It's a Ford Voodoo engine customised/re-engineered/whatever to sound just insane. 700hp is nice too
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