• Hardcore trackcar shootout - Ford GT vs. 911 GT2 RS vs. AMG GT R vs. Lotus Exige Cup

      This comparison is from EVO so you already know it is well done. Details like the cars wearing the same rubber (Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2) are taken care of. Additionally, the Brits had to throw in a British car although go-kart is more accurate.

      The Lotus Exige Cup is a fine track car in traditional Lotus style but it is not available for sale as a street legal road car in the USA. At 2409 pounds it is easily the lightest car of the bunch.

      The AMG GT R and its twin turbocharged 4.0 liter M178 V8 is well known. A hell of a track car and one that is a value as well. The problem? It is the heaviest car in the comparison.

      The only thing not to like about the 991.2 GT2 RS is that you do not have one in your garage. What Porsche continues to achieve with the 911 is becoming legendary.

      Finally, the most expensive car of the comparison. It is not the lightest or most powerful but it may be the most well rounded with the most advanced suspension and aerodynamic design. It was bred for this type of comparison.

      Let's get to the laptimes:

      1. GT2 RS - 1:12.01
      2. AMG GT R - 1:13.6
      3. Ford GT - 1:14.2
      4. Exige Cup - 1:14.7

      What do we learn? The GT2 RS seems to excel on any track you put it on. The Ford GT disappoints a bit but it really does not get to show what it can do on this relatively short track.

      The AMG GT R again overachieves and is clearly the best bang for the buck track car.

      There is not a bad car here but the GT2 RS remains the king.

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      1. 93siro's Avatar
        93siro -
        Agreed, very well done video. Others should notice.

        Did i hear mishift in the Lotus? I think with better shiftings it could beat the GTR. Thats what a track car to me, small, light and analogue.
      1. KEMA's Avatar
        KEMA -
        I want a used GT R. As in now!
      1. SeanWRT's Avatar
        SeanWRT -
        The guy with Lotus missed a few shifts here and there. Pinned at rev limiter for 150~200 meters or so.

        Could be a different story with another driver that shifts better.