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    11-14-2019, 06:44 PM
    Magazines stretch the truth in articles for sales just as many car sites put up clickbait for traffic. This appears to be the real deal though so we might as well get used to it. It sure is hard to love that face no matter how often you see it. Assuming Motor magazine's supposed 'exclusive' is correct, this is the G80 M3: Ugh.
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    10-26-2019, 07:23 PM
    Time sure flies, eh? There was a time when people said would not make it a year, let alone ten. Well, in January, 2020 it will be the 10th anniversary of the BimmerBoost BMW Performance Forums and we're celebrating in grand style. A forum and car site in particular is only successful thanks to its user base. You are the ones that are making this happen and BimmerBoost is happy to show appreciation for its awesome members/users. You may recall we are already doing a giveaway for RB Game Finisher turbochargers. That contest will now be expanded and extended to include a Ghassan G800 built N54/N55 motor.* * An N63/S63 built motor is also possible but the winner would have to pay the difference of the G800 cost. G800 details: Those who already entered the turbo giveaway are already entered in this contest and all their accrued rep points to this point will count toward this contest. The first place winner will have a choice of the RB turbos or the G800 motor or even both at a package deal. How do you enter? By gaining rep points AFTER posting in this thread. You gain rep points by posting and making threads. The more rep points, the more entries. The more you participate, the better your chances of winning! MINIMUM 10 REP POINTS TO ENTER Additionally, share this article or thread to social media and PM the proof for a 20 point bonus. Example: Username32897: 25.5 rep points to start, 100.5 rep point at contest end. 100.5-25.5 = 75 entries in drawing! No limit to the amount you can gain to get odds in your favor! Current entry list with number of entries to the right of each name. Clearly some people can not read as many have ZERO entries and they can not win: 1. @E92 420 - 248.0 - 248.0 = 0 2. @lulz_m3 - 3945.1 - 3977.1 = 32 3. @G0TB00ST? - 605.0 - 605.2 = 0 4. @maxnix - 513.0 - 551.6 = 38 5. @BLKROKT - 583.0 - 594.6 = 11 6. @ATP - 930.0 - 967.0 = 37 7. @Torgus - 2435.5 - 2423.3 = -11 8. @Snertz - 1010.0 - 1022.8 = 22 9. @impuls - 123.0 - 123.7 = 0 10. @Payam@BMS - 7170.3 - 7257.8 = 67 11. @gbk99 - 46.0 - 50.2 = 4 12. @///MPOSTER - 2873.6 - 3153.2 = 279 13. @Eleventeen - 2079.2 - 2129.0 = 49 14. @vrsixxxxxx - 75.2 - 142.7 = 67 15. @Magnusk77 - 47.5 - 154.3 = 106 16. @Flinchy - 1757.1 - 1763.6 = 6 17. @e90Bimmer335 - 196.4 - 200.1 = 3 18. @Brule - 572.1 - 621.5 = 49 19. @fredcase - 432.2 - 474.9 = 42 20. @2007BMW335i - 15.1 = 60.2 = 45 21. @TheAllOriginal - 16.3 - 18.0 = 1 22. @SJ_1989 - 177.1 - 314.3 = 137 23. @blaster3500 - 975.4 - 1105.0 = 131 24. @nikitino25 - 598.3 - 662.1 = 63 25. @iminhell1 - 443.9 - 473.4 = 29 26. @Jerain - 38.2 - 68.4 = 30 27. @rikaro29 - 39.6 - 39.7 = 0 28. @suspenceful - 735.1 - 786.5 = 51 29. @GreyNBlueE92 - 80.4 - 82.6 = 2 30. @jeff15 - 16.1 - 29.5 = 13 31. @Kirst - 237.3 - 309.0 = 72 32. @AWSAWS - 1502.4 - 1509.4 = 7 33. @sudo4re - 120.8 - 124.0 = 3 34. @langsbr - 1051.1 - 1110.3 = 59 35. @Simmi15 - 217.2 - 225.6 = 8 36. @foe516 - 178.2 - 178.2 = 0 37. @Vdkk - 147.0 - 147.0 = 0 38. @evl335 - 33.1 - 74.2 = 41 39. @SSboosted335 - 13.0 - 13.9 = 0 40. @islandroad83 - 148.3 - 148.3 = 9 41. @Dave@Fuel-It! - 837.1 - 837.2 = 0 42. @type-dRew - 10.2 - 30.4 = 20 43. @kylerwinterd - 99.3 - 100.5 = 1 44. @jacobniell - 13.0 - 13.2 = 0 45. @raffists - 115.1 0 115.1 = 0 46. - 299.2 - 299.2 = 0 47. @Bantam - 39.6 - 39.6 = 0 48. @DisCiteFullRetard - 389.2 - 431.3 = 42 49. @ihernandez7910 - 187.4 - 194.7 = 10 Contest ends January 8th, 2020. Stay tuned for second and third place prize announcements!! Thank you to Ghassan Automotive for helping make this possible! * 1 week to claim prize or it goes to next person on the list * BimmerBoost reserves the right to change the date, drawing, or any details relating to the contest at the administrator's discretion.
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    10-28-2019, 03:43 PM
    Part of the problem in the aftermarket is finding companies that truly deliver as promised. Unfortunately, the tuning scene is filled with crooks but also many reputable companies that stand the test of time. ECS Tuning certainly is one that stood the test of time. That does not mean things do not get sloppy as they get too big to care. Vivid Racing is one example. A company should not act like its customers are doing it a favor by doing business with them. The company should work to maintain, support, and appreciate their customer base. So what is the reason for the 'Why I Hate ECS Tuning' group to exist? Well, here's a few documented examples: Data breaches simply can not be defended: This goes on... and on... and on.... AND ON! Some of the issues with packaging can likely be attributed to whomever is delivering it. How you excuse saying parts are in stock when they aren't, shipping empty boxes, delays, data breaches, and poor product quality is something else entirely. ECS Tuning keeps getting bigger apparently acquiring some other retailers. For there to be a dedicated hate group with hundreds of stories shows this is not just random but perhaps ECS Tuning needs better management or they are too big. Either way, they will not improve unless someone says something and plenty of people are saying something.
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    11-06-2019, 01:14 PM
    Garrett is making some bold statements here with their three new 'mild frame' G30/G35 turbochargers. You have the G30-900, G35-950, and G33-1050 which Garrett states do not have an equal from the competition at the moment at the moment. The G30-900 will likely be particularly interesting for BoostAddict readers: On paper it crushes the Precision 6466. Also to be noted is the physical size is much smaller meaning tight engine bays trying to fit a powerful turbo may have their dream solution here. G35-900 and G35-1050 details below.
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    11-05-2019, 12:43 AM
    BMW's best driver's car? That would be this new BMW F87 M2 CS. The job BMW did on the model is admirable as it addresses the main complaint which is that the M2 Competition weighs as much (and more in certain trims) than an F82 M4. BMW gives the model lightweight 19 inch rims. The fronts weigh 20 pounds and the rears 22 pounds. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's are optional. The carbon roof saves weight in an important area for handling. You also get a carbon fiber front splitter. That cool looking hood? It is carbon fiber as well. Carbon ceramic brakes are optional. So what does the M2 CS weigh in its lightest trim (manual) with carbon ceramic brakes? Well, no word on that from BMW just yet. Let's hope BMW really shed some serious pounds. The S55 motor is tweaked to 450 horsepower with software. There is upgraded cooling for the motor and transmission. The lightweight theme carries over to the interior where a carbon fiber center console reduce weight by six pounds. The contrasting stitching looks wonderful. You get four colors to choose from: Alpine White, Misano Blue Metallic, Black Sapphire Metallic, and Hockenheim Silver Metallic. More details to come like the price and that all important curb weight figure. This car looks like a serious win for BMW and it makes you wonder why the M2 could not be this car from the beginning. A fairly light, well balanced, and entry level BMW M car with a manual option should be a priority at M. You're looking at the best M car in ages. 2020 Model Year only 2,200 to be produced worldwide (500 to US) 444 hp / 406 lb-ft torque 7600 rpm redline 6 speed manual or 7 speed DCT 3.8 second 0-60 (DCT) 4.0 second 0-60 (manual) 174 mph top speed Three radiators, an oil cooler, two pumps in the oil pan, oil sump baffle Transmission oil cooler (when equipped with DCT) Electronic locking differential Standard adaptive dampers with Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ modes Steel subframe bolted to the body frame without bushings Forged aluminum rear five-link suspension control arms and wheel hubs 15.75-inch vented rotors with 6-piston fixed calipers up front 14.96-inch vented rotors with 4-piston calipers in rear Optional Carbon Ceramic Brake 19-inch forged wheels in a staggered setup with 245/35R19 tires up front and 265/35R19s in back High-gloss black finish wheels standard Matte gold finish wheels standard Michelin Cup 2 tires or summer performance tires Carbon fiber vented hood (1/2 weight of steel hood, increases downforce and has cooling effect) Carbon fiber front splitter, rear spoiler, rear diffuser, and M mirrors Carbon fiber transmission tunnel (saves 6 pounds) Optional carbon fiber roof Alcantara dashboard, armrests, and steering wheel CS badge embroidered on dashboard Black leather and Alcantara M Competition front seats featuring CS logo Embroidered BMW M Motorsport stripes on front seats 4 exterior colors: Alpine White, Misano Blue Metallic, Black Sapphire Metallic, and Hockenheim Silver Metallic 1 interior color: black Only options are: 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, carbon ceramic brakes, matte gold wheels, and Michelin Cup 2 tires. Pricing and ordering details will be announced closer to the 2020 M2 CS's launch in spring 2020.
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    10-23-2019, 03:04 PM
    MotorTrend's 2019 Best Driver's Car competition is taking place at Laguna Seca and it is interesting to see the results on a track that is a good mix of technical application and power. The lineup is good but does not have any high performance standouts. That is other than the McLaren Senna but that is not even a street car. It is nice to see what the Senna can do at Laguna Seca in this context but it is on an entirely different level. Where is the McLaren 720S? The Ferrari Pista? The C8 Corvette? The GT500 Mustang? An R8 or Huracan? The 992 Carrera S is really the sportiest car out there short of the Senna. Here is the lineup in order of least favorite to most favorite driver's car by Randy Pobst: 12. Challenger SRT Hellcat 11. Lamborghini Urus 10. Bentley Continental GT V8 9. Toyota GR Supra 8. Aston Martin DBS Superleggera 7. Jaguar XE SV Project 8 6. Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Matic+ 5. BMW M850i xDrive Coupe 4. BMW F87 M2 Competition 3. Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang 2. McLaren Senna 1. Porsche 992 Carrera S Now in order of laptime: 12. Challenger SRT Hellcat - 1:42.70 11. Bentley Continental GT V8 - 1:41.21 10. Lamborghini Urus - 1:40.90 9. BMW F87 M2 Competition - 1:40.83 8. Toyota GR Supra - 1:40.57 7. BMW M850i xDrive Coupe - 1:39.40 6. Aston Martin DBS Superleggera - 1:38.27 5. Jaguar XE SV Project 8 - 1:36.96 4. Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang - 1:36.83 3. Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Matic+ - 1:36.26 2. Porsche 992 Carrera S - 1:35.52 1. McLaren Senna - 1:27.62 It is rather incredible how well the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Matic+ does. We keep saying it but Mercedes-AMG really worked some magic on that car. The BMW M850i xDrive does a fairly good job considering its heft and that it is not the M8 model which of course bodes well for the M derivative. Laguna Seca exposes the heft of the Urus. Power can not mask it here. The Supra also edges the M2 Competition although the M2 Competition is the preferred driver's car. The Hellcat Redeye is in the rear because someone took it off a dragstrip. The new Carrera S is the big winner here.
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    10-21-2019, 01:02 PM
    This is a major win for farmers selling corn who lobbied the Trump administration regarding larger purchases of ethanol. What does this mean for car enthusiasts? It means more ethanol. You will see more ethanol in your gasoline and E15 will see greater adoption. Here is what to expect: In a forthcoming supplemental notice building off the recently proposed 2020 Renewable Volume Standards and the Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for 2021, EPA will propose and request public comment on expanding biofuel requirements beginning in 2020. EPA will seek comment on actions to ensure that more than 15 billion gallons of conventional ethanol be blended into the nation’s fuel supply beginning in 2020, and that the volume obligation for biomass-based diesel is met. This will include accounting for relief expected to be provided for small refineries. EPA intends to take final action on this front later this year. In the most recent compliance year, EPA granted 31 small refinery exemptions. Building on the President’s earlier decision to allow year-round sales of E15, EPA will initiate a rulemaking process to streamline labeling and remove other barriers to the sale of E15. EPA will continue to evaluate options for RIN market transparency and reform. USDA will seek opportunities through the budget process to consider infrastructure projects to facilitate higher biofuel blends. The Administration will continue to work to address ethanol and biodiesel trade issues. More ethanol will be blended into our gasoline as a whole in the USA but an exact percentage is not stated above. It seems 15% will be the number. We should all also see greater ethanol supplies in general. For auto enthusiasts, hopefully this means more E85 pumps. Farmers successfully lobbied for increased ethanol sales wile the EPA initially was against it. What this all means is there is going to be a lot more ethanol from 2020 on. Source
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    10-29-2019, 07:33 PM
    This is what you see shared on social media and people eat it up. The tuner claims this is a factory turbo B58 Supra on a 91 octane tune with some ethanol. Well, you are not getting 642+ lb-ft of torque at the wheels out of the factory turbocharger. Not unless you're screwing with something. Yet, that is the tuner claim: Car is going to shoot a rod out of the block is the more like it. First of all, the curve is horrible: Secondly, how in the hell is that torque figure hit? Hybrid upgrades are not making that amount of torque boost only. Hell, a Pure Turbos hybrid upgraded example with nitrous on top only managed 548 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. This guy is claiming almost another 100 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on top of a hybrid turbo upgraded B58 with a shot of nitrous? Hard work... more like some dyno queen BS at work.
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    11-13-2019, 11:03 PM
    Where did this come from? Ferrari seemingly pulled a new GT car out of nowhere. This is a vehicle that shares the California T wheelbase and an F154 twin turbo V8 variant so apparently the idea was to make a GT 2+2 coupe version of the California T or Portofino platform. It is lighter than the hardtop convertible models. The dry weight is stated to be 3254 pounds. Does that mean we are looking at a 34XX pound Ferrari? If so, it will be around Porsche 992 weight. With a fairly light 2+2 configuration, 612 horsepower, 560 lb-ft of torque, and a new 8-speed dual clutch transmission shared with the SF90 supercar this could be the best performer for the money in its segment. It might be uncomfortably close to the 812 Superfast. What will it cost? Nobody yet knows. Let's hope the pricing is aggressive.
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    10-28-2019, 03:40 PM
    Part of the problem in the aftermarket is finding companies that truly deliver as promised. Unfortunately, the tuning scene is filled with crooks but also many reputable companies that stand the test of time. ECS Tuning certainly is one that stood the test of time. That does not mean things do not get sloppy as they get too big to care. Vivid Racing is one example. A company should not act like its customers are doing it a favor by doing business with them. The company should work to maintain, support, and appreciate their customer base. So what is the reason for the 'Why I Hate ECS Tuning' group to exist? Well, here's a few documented examples: Data breaches simply can not be defended: This goes on... and on... and on.... AND ON! Some of the issues with packaging can likely be attributed to whomever is delivering it. How you excuse saying parts are in stock when they aren't, shipping empty boxes, delays, data breaches, and poor product quality is something else entirely. ECS Tuning keeps getting bigger apparently acquiring some other retailers. For there to be a dedicated hate group with hundreds of stories shows this is not just random but perhaps ECS Tuning needs better management or they are too big. Either way, they will not improve unless someone says something and plenty of people are saying something.
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    10-22-2019, 01:02 PM
    Ah, the S54. A work of absolute art and the last great naturally aspirated iron block inline-6 from BMW. One of the greatest M motors ever made as well. Need proof? Well, how about a stock internal example with 190k miles producing 721 horsepower to the wheels? The S54 had a poor reputation early on due to bearing issues (typical BMW) but with the proper bearings the motor shows just how stout it is. Plus, this is an 11.5:1 compression naturally aspirated engine and with a bit of boost really sings; When we say BMW does not make them like they used to, this is what we mean. This E46 M3 belongs to BimmerBoost member @DocCarbon: Setup: Kit by MaxPsi BW s300sxe 64.5/66 E85 driven by 2 walbro 485's and a BAP. Id1000 injectors Exhaust cutout
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    10-31-2019, 10:56 AM
    Expect to see a lot of these drag race videos comparing the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S in the next few months. The Porsche Taycan Turbo S is obviously aimed at the Tesla Model S and the Model S is known for doing one thing best: drag racing. The Germans already drag raced the two. The Germans do love their Porsches though so let's see what result Top Gear recorded. It is close, extremely close. The Taycan Turbo S pulls up top but it sure takes a while to do so. Fortunately Vbox data was provided: 131.6 miles per hour of trap speed for the Taycan Turbo S? It is going to be much harder to take down from a roll it seems than any Tesla including the Model S Performance. Stout performance to be sure.
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    11-05-2019, 04:31 PM
    Sorry to play spoiler but seeing the Hyundai Veloster N win a Performance Car comparison that includes some very nice hardware makes you scratch your head. BoostAddict will defend Road and Track's choice though but not because the Veloster N is the best performance car produced in 2020. The argument Road and Track makes actually fits the idea of a driver's car better than that of a performance car shootout. If comparing performance, well, the Veloster gets smoked by everything short of the Miata. Cars are becoming absurdly fast and powerful. That does not mean they are becoming more fun to drive. You would likely have more fun with a standard Porsche Boxster going through the canyons than an 800+ horsepower balls to the wall tuned Audi RS7 or Lamborghini Urus which from a performance perspective destroy the Boxster. You can not even approach the limits some of these huge and powerful behemoths on the market offer. A Boxster at 7/10's on a back road is going to be more fun to drive than a Urus at 10/10's which reminds you of its girth as you sweat hustling it at the limit and hoping the brakes and tires don't fail you. This the nature of Road and Track's argument. The Veloster is fun. It's light. It's cheap. It is attainable. It is easy to drive fast. It is a lot of fun for the money and the smiles per dollar can not be beat. The thing is, this is a performance car comparison and it does not perform anywhere near the others. The Corvette offers a hell of a lot of value too and the C8 unlike say the C7 Z06 is not fighting you the whole time as you try to put the power down. It also tops the more expensive Porsche 992 around the track despite weighing more which is quite the achievement. Let's look at the laptimes: Mazda Miata RF 1:34.64 Hyundai Veloster N 1:31.44 Toyota Supra 1:28.93 Lexus RC F Track 1:27.56 BMW M2 Competition 1:26.91 Lotus Evora GT 1:25.35 Nissan GT-R Nismo 1:23.80 Porsche 911 Carrera S 1:23.08 Chevrolet Corvette 1:22.83 McLaren 600LT 1:20.42 Lamborghini Huracán Evo 1:20.00 It is interesting to note the M2 Competition is quite a bit quicker than the Supra at Thunderhill Raceway in its West configuration. Speaking of the Supra, it is refreshing that Road and Track understands what it is and nails it for what it is: Someone finally gets it. BoostAddict disagrees that the Veloster N is the best performance car of this group but agrees with the premise behind Road and Track's argument. Cars that didn't make it: 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: A lightweight DB11 with 715 hp. Aston elected to not participate in the test. 2020 Audi R8: The first facelifted R8s arrived in the U.S. a week before our test. Sadly, there wasn’t enough time to get one shipped to Thunderhill. 2020 BMW M8: The new flagship M car was first shown in June, but BMW only made it available for review (in Europe) the same week as PCOTY. 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo: The 710-hp V-8 from the wild, track-focused 488 Pista, in a more road-oriented package. Ferrari couldn’t provide one during our test window. 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: Supercharged V-8 and hellacious speed, but Ford didn’t provide test cars to journalists until a month after PCOTY testing. 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro: A track-attack version of a car already known for circuit prowess. Only hitch: the first GT R Pros didn’t cross the Atlantic until the tail end of 2019, after this issue shipped to the printer. 2020 Polestar 1: A 600-hp, hybrid, carbon-bodied GT from Volvo’s new electric-performance offshoot. Polestar wasn’t ready to let us borrow one, but don’t worry—we’ll drive it soon. 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4: On paper, a PCOTY front-runner. Which is a shame, because Porsche had no test cars in the country. 2020 Subaru WRX STI S209: The WRX STI might be a few years old, but the S209 promises to be the best version yet. Subaru held a media test event for the car during PCOTY week, so its loaner 209s were all tied up.
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    10-23-2019, 05:01 PM
    This is some big, big news. Mercedes-AMG created a problem of C63 and E63 overlap ever since they decided to give the C-Class AMG variant the same motor as its E-Class big brother. The current generation W213 E63 and W205 C63 share M177 V8 engine variants respectively. The main difference is that the E63 offers 4Matic all wheel drive while the C63 does not and is rear wheel drive. Is that about to change? At the Star Experience event in Bulgaria Mercedes-AMG had a 4Matic W205 C63 on display. When asked if this would be a production model, the AMG rep simply smiled. It is no secret BMW is bringing a G80 M3 to the market with all wheel drive standard. Perhaps this finally convinced Mercedes-AMG it is ok for the C63 to again step on the E63's toes? We will know more soon but the all wheel drive C63 AMG of your dreams already exists.
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    11-06-2019, 02:41 PM
    ESMotor continues to crush it on the 991 Turbo platform. This is their ES1200 turbo kit for the 991 Turbo featured on a Porsche 991.2 Turbo S. To get the most out of this turbo upgrade you will need a built motor and upgraded PDK. How else is it going to hold together with 1133 horsepower at all four wheels and 1020 lb-ft of torque at all four wheels? It does take a while to get going but what do you expect from 1100+ horsepower from 3.8 liters? On the road with load the spool should be better than you see in the graph which really seems to get going past 5k rpm. This is tuned by @Emre@Esmotor on a Syvecs standalone ECU. What fuel it is on was not specified.
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    11-14-2019, 12:16 AM
    Well, here it finally is! Apologies to our readers for taking so long but setting up such a test is not easy. The blessing in disguise is that a new option made the comparison and that option is made out of inconel and it is an engineering collaboration between Mimo Technik and SPW (Specialty Precision Welding). As you previously saw purchased the three most popular header options on the market for the 2017-2019 Porsche 991.2 3.0 Carrera models. You can make it four now. The idea was to compare the headers on the dyno but a flow bench was utilized instead. Why? Because the gains will vary on the dyno based on what modifications a car has as well as weather and cooldown time. A car like mine with upgraded turbos, methanol, inlets, intercoolers, etc., is going to move much more air than one with a tune running headers. Here we have repeatable, consistent results minimizing variables showing what the manifolds can flow. Fabspeed headers were not included in the test. Why? Because they are currently on the PorscheBoost 991.2 Project Car as Gintani felt they were the design they wanted to tune around. So you will get dyno numbers too but just for the Fabspeed option showing a before and after. Here are some important aspects to note: 1. All headers show a large improvement over stock. This is why Porsche changed the manifold design on the 992 from the 991.2. 2. Kline also makes an inconel header so if you want their lighter option, you can buy it. 3. The competitors are not named. 4. All headers purchased for this test are available for sale and basically brand new. PM @Sticky or e-mail to purchase at a discount. Why waste money? Flow numbers: Manifold weight: What we will say is Brand A offers the best combination of value, weight, and performance. The stock design truly is heavy and inefficient. Everyone tremendously improved on it and if you are tuning your car but still relying on the factory header design, why? The Mimo Technik and SPW header collaboration is the lightest and best performing. Yes, it is the most expensive but it is cheaper than Kline's inconel option. It is the choice for the guy who absolutely wants the best as well as track junkies. PM the @Sticky account if interested to purchase. Mimo/SPW: Kline: Vektor:
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    10-26-2019, 03:45 PM
    PorscheBoost Porsche Performance Forums member @quattr0 decided it was time to unlock some of the power in his car and upgrade the cooling at the same time. He took his 2017 911 Carrera to Driversource located in Houston, Texas. Mods: - AMS intercoolers - Cobb AP tuned by Mitch at Dyno Spectrum - Installed and dynoed by DriverSource Dyno Spectrum is well recommended especially for remote tuning 991.2's. Let's take a look at the baseline (5th gear is blue, 4th is red): Baseline numbers are right where they should be and it is interesting to note 5th gear shows a bit more mid-range. Now the result after tuning and the installation of intercoolers: Torque goes up by 126 lb-ft at the wheels. It is going to feel like an entirely new car. The horsepower curve is nice as well considering how quickly the small Carrera turbos run out of steam. Another 91 peak horsepower at the wheels was picked up. If you haven't tuned your 991.2 3.0 yet, what are you waiting for?
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    11-05-2019, 10:01 PM
    There are fanboys running around claiming Tesla is now lapping the Nurburgring 29 seconds quicker than the Taycan. Let's hold off on claiming the Tesla the king of EV Nurburgring sedan performance just yet. Remember, this whole battle started a few months back but Tesla is not fighting fair. Times are being leaked for a prototype that is not for sale while Porsche is selling a Taycan Turbo S that will do what Porsche says it does on the 'Ring. 7:23 was the last reported/leaked time for this Tesla and Elon Musk certainly is determined to set a record here with the time now reportedly (timed by hand) down to 7:13. It is not a production car though so everyone relax. Also, Porsche has their 'Project Lion' Panamera lapping the 'Ring in 7:10 so perhaps they have a car in reserve to stick it to Tesla should Elon Musk yap his mouth. What would make that even more satisfying is that the Project Lion Panamera is not an electric so Porsche would be whooping the Model S with old school internal combustion. An entertaining battle, isn't it?
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    11-04-2019, 05:55 PM
    BigBoost for some time now sat at the forefront of BMW B58 tuning and B58 tuning in general. They set several B58 records over the past few years and now pulled off their most impressive feat to date in breaking the 900 wheel horsepower B58 barrier. Unfortunately the graph is low resolution but you can see the peak figures clearly: Mods: BigBoost Stage 4 turbo BigBoost Built B58 Custom ECU tune Haltech Sprint 500 AEM meth kit BigBoost Additional fuel injection JB4 Open Exhaust The scary thing is they are not done and they want to hit quadruple digits: This is done on a built motor but we do not have transmission details: This also makes for the most powerful F22 M240i in existence. Will BigBoost be the first to crack the 1000+ whp B58 barrier? Stay tuned to find out.
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    10-30-2019, 08:47 PM
    Fabspeed worked their magic on yet another 991.2 generation Porsche 911 GT2 RS. You can view the entire suite of parts they offer here. This particular 991.2 GT2 RS received a race system with bypass pipes and an ECU tune. Check out the difference in output over stock (IPD Plenum also included): 659 rear wheel horsepower goes to 723 rear wheel horsepower. The torque jump is huge with peak torque going to 714 lb-ft at the wheels from 555 lb-ft at the wheels stock or in other words an increase of 159 lb-ft. Ok, so the gains are large and this thing is a beast. But just listen to it below. That whistle and that exhaust tone... oh my. Just spectacular all the way around.
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    10-26-2019, 03:03 PM
    This is an interesting development from TurboSource. Now variable A/R (Aspect Ratio) in a turbocharger is nothing new as that is exactly the idea behind VTG (Variable Turbine Geometry) turbochargers which Porsche is well known to use in production cars. VTG's utilize variable vanes to achieve their goal, not a variable housing. The idea here is to ultimately improve response without sacrificing top end punch. TurboSouce explains the premise well: If this sounds a bit confusing you are not alone and who knows if it will work as advertised and be a reliable setup. It seems tuning will be more complex and a standalone engine management system is recommended. An interesting development to follow, certainly. Open versus closed position:
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    11-01-2019, 07:31 PM
    Now this is is a well tuned Supra with some solid hardware on it! The key naturally is the Full Race turbo manifold mated to a BorgWarner EFR series 9280 turbocharger. The B58 sure seems to like the turbo and manifold. 600 (ok, 599.17) rear wheel horsepower and 633 lb-ft of torque at the wheels with beautiful curves: A bit of lag, sure, but there is always give and take. The spool and torque curve for the peak output and power curve is great. It is somewhat amusing that the BMW B58 tuning market is moving so well now and all it took was putting a Supra badge on it.
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